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Shooting Practice


Handgun and  Ammunition


In addition to the classic gunsmithing services aimed at improving the properties or control of firearms, we can cover a wide range of other interesting services in cooperation with our partners. These services include, but are not limited to:

organizing of teambuildings, trainings and seminars with accompanying activities in the form of firearms training, shooting, etc.

organization of extracurricular, physical education activities for children and youth focusing on safe handling of firearms and weapons and how to behave in critical situations

first aid training and many more

If you are interested in non-civilian weapons, ammunition and technologies, we can also meet your requirements with products referred to defence and security industries (PDSI) in cooperation with our partners . We cooperate with fully licensed companies for trading with PDSI and dual purpose materials pursuant to Act no. 392/2011 of the Slovak republic, who can provide a comprehensive range of conventional weapons, ammunition, related parts and other technologies, not only in the Slovak Republic, but also throughout the world.


If you are considering acquiring a firearm, you will be required to know more about safe and lawful use, care and secure storage, as well as what the law mandates.

Our trainers are skilled in assisting you in enhancing or acquiring the necessary skills in handling and shooting – safely and proficiently. All training offered is in accordance with current laws and best practise guidelines – resulting in clear performance based outcomes.


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