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Licensed firearms and ammunition dealer and manufacturer

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Gun ownership is a lifestyle choice

Looking to buy a firearm for self defense, sporting gun or a hunting rifle? Do you need to customise your firearm by adding accessories, modifying controls or other custom work? BLANQ stocks and sells most prestigious weapon brands worldwide – if we don’t have it we can order it through our partners.

We are not just a place to buy a firearm – we understand what it takes to become proficient in gun use and how to leaglly obtain firearms and accessories in Slovakia (EU). From choosing a firearm, to obtaining your gun license, to becoming a relaxed and confident marksman, BLANQ has you covered.


If you are considering acquiring a firearm, you will be required to know more about safe and lawful use, care and secure storage, as well as what the law mandates.

Our trainers are skilled in assisting you in enhancing or acquiring the necessary skills in handling and shooting – safely and proficiently. All training offered is in accordance with current laws and best practise guidelines – resulting in clear performance based outcomes.



Our professional staff are passionate about their sport, their choices and their lifestyle. They are always available to assist both novice and veteran gun owners alike. Whether carrying a weapon is a career requirement or a lifestyle choice BLANQ has what you need to make the experience both responsible and enjoyable.

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We sell all types of firearms for sport shooting, security, private use and hunting. Our main products are handguns, rifles and shotguns as well as shooting accessories.We work with GLOCK, Walther and many more.

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Since 2023 we are the sole authorized importer and dealer of premium Czech ammunition manufacturer GetLoad for Slovakia. We stock many calibers of civilian ammunition and can order even more exotic calibers if needed. We can also supply realoading materials and accessories.

Guns & Ammo


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